About This Blog

Welcome to the course blog for English 30051: Writing, Rhetoric, and New Media!

Throughout the semester, you'll be using this blog to post your thoughts on the readings we do this semester and the types of new media we encounter. As you complete your blogs and read blogs by others, you'll be exchanging ideas with and learning from your classmates outside of the classroom. Occasionally, I'll post updates with links that are relevant to our class discussions or your own research.

Students should refer to their handout on the blog assignments for information on how these blogs should be written and how they will be graded.

Visitors to this site are welcome to contribute to conversations through comments, too. As our in-person class sessions will cover, part of the beauty of new media is being able to connect with others, whether we have met them face-to-face or not.

We will be using labels to help organize our discussions and make it easier to find posts.  Labels will allow you to find all posts related to the subject you have clicked on.

Enjoy using the blog to interact with each other and share your thoughts on the topics that come up as you participate in class and complete our readings!

Also, thank you to Ben Villarreal for sharing the work of his students over the past several semesters and helping to provide a foundation for this part of our course!

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