Tuesday, April 1, 2014

the slide blog #6

       The Giant Slide was a different kind of story.  It was animated but a serious story.  I read it over twice to be sure I understood it.  It was about a giant slide on the side of a highway, that had not been used in a while.  It had a chain link fence around it to keep out predators and children.  It had not been destroyed just dusty from sitting around unused.  The wind blew leaves to the old structure.  I felt that there was more to the story than meets the eye.  The colors in the animation were great.  It kind of gave me a feel of psychedelic colors from the 1970's.  The people in the story were lifelike.  All the body parts were proportionate.  The scenes look like the seasons changed.  The flowers were in bloom, but the leaves were fall colored.  The wind seemed to be the bearer of the bad news because it brought back memories of a time that had past when the wind blew through your hair going on the slide down.  This reminds me of the slides at the amusement park I went to as a kid myself at Geauga Lake.  When reading this story I think of the adult shows on Animation Domination on fox tv on Sunday nights.  This made me eager to see how to do animation on prezi.  That is going to be my struggle.  I do not know all of the details of doing prezi but I will try to utilize what I learn to do a project for the final.  But it all depends on how difficult the task is.  There is so much to learn about all the new techniques of this class I do not know if I will do well.  What I hope to do is create a clear and concise understanding of the story of my choice.  I can not seem to make up my mind which story to write about.  The Giant Slide is one of the top three I have narrowed it down to.  I am trying as hard as I can to grasp all that is going on with the new mediums I have learned.  But I hope to do well.  I will ask one of my classmates to help me with the animation of a story on prezi if I have questions or am not sure of what I am doing.       


  1. You make some good observations about the way the graphic adaptation supports the ideas from the original poem with the use of color and the elements like the leaves and wind. Since the visuals seem to be so important to this text, it might be a good idea to include a link to this adaptation or to provide a picture of one of the frames so your readers can really see what you are talking about.

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