Thursday, March 20, 2014

Tech Revolution?

One of the arguments that keeps coming up in class is "What are the good and bad consequences of all the social media we are currently using?" We apply this to each tech we go over, such as Twitter and Facebook and then discuss them, but I would like to apply them to another argument that has come up often amongst my friends and I and that is:With the social media we have today, there will never be another Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia because people will know quickly about atrocities committed. I would argue that if anything, social media has done nothing to prevent similar things from happening.
Social media has been great as far as being able to connect with eachother and other people around the world. At the same time, it has created a numbness to the human spirit. Since 9-11, we basically live in a 24-7 news society and social media has only added to it. Things that you wouldn't know about until you watched the evening news or read a newspaper are suddenly given to use in minutes. Five minutes after it happened, the Boston marathon bombing was already making the rounds on Facebook along with pictures of the maimed and broken. We have watched everyday for over a decade a long grueling war on terror. Because of Social media, we live in a celebrity worshiping society, were a single tweet can ruin a career, but we see the pictures of an American ambassador being dragged through Benghazi, and don't blink an eye because we are now so used to seeing violence its no longer shocking or disturbing to see.
 Now we sit and hear how North Korea is committing horrible atrocities, and even feed people to dogs, and as a society we merely shrug our shoulders. We watch as Russia annexes Crimea and prepares to invade Ukraine, just like Germany did to Austria and Czechoslovakia, and go "Oh well", as are politicians shake limp fists and shout hollow threats at Russia. We still watch as millions are murdered in Africa, and say "Glad I don't live there."
As we enter this new Era of Appeasement, Even as the world is more connected then ever, we are lock stepping right into the same mistakes as the past.
German troops enter Austria
Russian Troops enter Crimea


  1. This is an interesting post, Drew! This conversation comes up a lot when I have students read Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet about internment camps and ask whether something like that could happen in the U.S. today. Nice job sharing your perspective on the topic.

  2. Really interesting perspective. My best friend is a history teacher and her favorite quote is, "Those who do not know history's mistakes are doomed to repeat them."

  3. That is one of my favorite quotes too! Unfortunately people tend to forget about the Japanese interment camp and I 100% believe that it can happen today, and while social media is great for exposing the truth, it is also a powerful propaganda tool. People now tend to look at and blindly focus on everything around and behind them instead of what is being done in plain sight in front of them