Monday, March 10, 2014

new world

I found a new world.  I now know how to blog and tweet.  I never knew how much of the world has changed.  I can keep up with my friends and family with this knew technology.  It is all good fun.  The tweets are a little hard because you only have 140 characters to use per tweet.  But I mean this stuff is kool.  I know that I can follow certain people on the twitter.  I can find out about up coming events, shows and concerts.  The blog is the same thing.  I can put information on the posting and get the news out even quicker.  I had some reservations at first but then as I started doing it more it was so much fun.  I think from now on I am going to do this more.  It saves me on minutes on my phone.  I can keep up with more people this way also.  This is such a relief to know this stuff.  I have to thank Beth for turning me on to this new stuff.  Now I am going to have something to do when school is out for the summer.  This can help me find new friends that can help me with the things I like to do.  Prezi is on the other hand is a little complicated.  It does not give you all the instructions to work it.  I know it can be done but someone must show you how to maneuver around in it.  I could not get the video part to work, but I did get the font , size and color change necessary.  That is my not so good project.  But I am going to try to use it more for future classes.  This is a whole new world for me.  Now I have a way to keep up with the times.  I am going to continue to work on these new media exchanges for my own personal use.  However, my prezi presentation was so mediocre.  Everyone else had a way better presentation than I did.  I was so scared to talk in front of the class.  But it was so nice to know this stuff.  I am going to save the notes for this class to continue working on the new media stuff. 

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  1. It's amazing how much technology can open someone's world. Being me, and seemingly growing up with all this technology, i don't really realize how much it can be somewhat jarring to someone who knows a world without it. I'm glad you have a good attitude about it and you're willing to give it a shot. So many people have a stick in their side about learning about new things and by closing themselves off to technology they limit how much they can participate in the world in this day and age. I know it can be difficult but keep on trying. It gets easier.

    Also, yeah, I have a hard time with Prezi too. I still have to work at those :)