Wednesday, March 19, 2014


                                                 New School Technology

     As one being from the old school as some will call it, I am finding all the modern every day

technology both interesting and confusing.  When I decided to return to college, it was a bit

overwhelming being that most students were the same age as my own children.  I did not own a

computer or laptop let alone really know how to use one. I laugh now but I needed help in turning

one on.   E-mail ?   what is that ?  I found it pretty easy once I knew what I was doing. 

  I quickly found out that every professor assumed all students  had access to or owned some

kind of computer.  Classrooms and procedures were very different from when I attended

Lakeland Community College in 1999.  At the beginning of last semester, my daughter

helped me purchase a laptop, but she had to set it up also.  I became more familiar with

sending and receiving e-mails and using Google to look up information which became very

convenient not having to walk to the library for help.

   Around Christmas time, my son decided that I should get a Facebook account, oh my....

I had seen one but was not sure what it was all about.  I am still working on learning all

aspects and occasionally have to ask for help.  I have found family and friends that I

otherwise would not know where they were.  I only use it to chat and have not posted

anything myself.

   Now I come to the English class learning more ways to communicate using Twitter and Blogs.

I was not even sure what they were but it sounded like something I should know to keep up

with the times.  These two measures are also interesting and I can see how one would use them.

It has been hard to comprehend all of this at once, but the more I try to use them, it becomes

easier The world is at your finger tips I heard it said somewhere. That is definitely true. One

can find information, people, and what is going on in our crazy world.

  When it came to the Prezi presentation, however, I was totally lost trying to figure out

videos and putting pictures up.  I think this will take a long time for me., but in the mean time,

I will play around with the Twitter . I am not sure I will use the Blog  but we will see when I

am more familiar with all of the modern day ever advancing technology. Thanks for the class,

and all who are helping me,  and yes, of course, my kids.


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