Thursday, March 20, 2014


In Toni Morrison's novel Home Frank Money has to save his sister, Ycidra, from a doctor who has been doing experiments on her uterus. Frank is a veteran suffering from what appears to be post traumatic stress syndrome. In the end he is successful in saving his sister and is able to overcome some of the trauma he lived through during the Korean War. Also he is able to be at peace in his hometown of Lotus.

Frank and Ycidra needed one another growing up. Their living conditions were not the greatest and their parents worked all day to provide even the smallest things for them. Their grandmother Lenore resented them to a point where she would berate and humiliate Ycidra and leave Frank to take care of her, even when he was only four and Ycidra was a baby.

Frank's home was with Ycidra in Lotus the whole entire time of the novel. While he wanted nothing more than to get away from Lotus, but that all changed upon returning with his very ill sister. What was the change?

As people get older then tend to grow and appreciation for the things they once disliked. Frank was able to see that Lotus was and is a place where people help one another. He brought Ycidra home and people immediately jumped to help her. They helped her without asking for money or for anything in return. They just needed time.

The point belongs that coming home to Lotus, Frank and Ycidra weren't helped by family, they were helped by the community. The only contact with family they had was when Frank asked his grandfather a question about horses and dogfights and even then there was no sense of a deeper relationship than that of friendly acquaintances.

Frank and Ycidra found healing and home in one another, through all the trials they went through they were still able to find peace. Much like the actual lotus flower that can thrive even in a dirty mucky swamp, good prevails over evil in Home and hopefully in life.

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  1. Your picture is so colorful. I did not care for "home" that much. But you do a good job of describing it in your blog. Frank is the character you liked the most. He was the most interesting in the book. your writing is very well and I think you do a good job talking about him. Keep up the good work.