Thursday, March 20, 2014

Always Run Home

No matter what happens, we always run home. It doesn't matter what happened in our home town or even what happened in our childhood house, we always run home.

In Toni Morrison's Home, we meet Frank and Cee Money. Frank has always been the protector of his little sister Cee as they lived in a town called Lotus. They grew up with an abusive grandmother and parents who worked 16 hours a day, leaving Frank and Cee to rely upon each other. Cee always tagged along with Frank and his friends, and Frank always protected Cee.

Because of the poor quality of life in Lotus, Frank needed to leave home. He signed up to join the military and left Cee to rely upon herself. After Frank left, Cee found a boyfriend, got married, and headed for the big city to escape Lotus. However, once she arrived in Atlanta, her husband stole her car and left her to, once again, take care of herself. Her grandmother was furious with her for car being stolen and made it impossible for Cee to return to Lotus, even when her father died. Cee made money any way she could. With her neighbor's help, she was able to get a job in a diner. However, she was not making enough money to live on. Upon hearing her neighbor's news, Cee discovered a job working for a doctor.

After Frank is discharged from the military, he suffers from PTSD and memory loss. After being discharged, he finds himself handcuffed to a hospital bed, unsure of how he got there. He tries to settle down with a girlfriend, but she kicks him out. He finds himself drinking whenever he feels upset or anxious. He sees the color of the world draining, and for a short time, is left with a black and white world.

He receives a note that says that his sister is dying. He tracks her down and finds her almost dead in her employers house. Even after all of the bad experiences in Lotus, he doesn't have to think where to turn to for help. He picks his sister up and runs straight for home. Even after living in a crowded house with little food, he runs home. Even after living with his abusive grandmother, he runs home. Even after seeing someone buried alive, he runs home.

Home is the place we always run to.
Home is the place we find healing.
Home is the place we find shelter.
Home is the place we find solutions.
Home is the place that doesn't ask questions, but instead, accepts us without needing an explanation.

Always Run Home

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  1. "Home" holds a special place in my heart. Of all the books we read this semester it is the one that has stuck with me the most. Perhaps i just love the idea of the great journey that Frank was on. I guess i see him kind of as a knight, on a quest and I was rooting for him the whole time.

    I've always been a bit of a homebody. I love to spend most of my time at home it's always been my soft place to fall. It's the one place that will always welcome me with open arms. I can't imagine being afraid of going home, or having an aversion to do so. I think that's one of the reason that the book fascinates me so. For someone who has such a good home life i have a fascination with those who dont... as awful as that sounds, i really think that's it.

    Or perhaps.... it's just a really good book. And i'm ok with that.