Thursday, February 27, 2014

With Haste

Summer Crossing gives us the story of Grady, and her first summer spent in New York. Her family is dysfunctional and distanced, which led her into the arms of Clyde, the parking lot attendant whom in a course of one summer married and got impregnated by. Her, their summer comes to an end with a bang, or rather a splash,  with their car careening off a bridge.

This tale reeks of teenage angst, finding the bad-boy and doing things your mother would not approve of. Grady spent her summer in search of herself, who she wants to be, where she belongs, and whether she was happy with her home. Every person at one point in their lives comes to makes decisions that greatly impact the rest of their lives, such as Grady's marriage and future child. Home for Grady is when she is with Clyde, its the brief moment where she can be completely unsheltered and unimpeded by her surroundings. This aspect of finding home in someone rather than someplace is something that often accompanies a relationship. There is a point in every relationship where one feels enamored and completely at home with their partner, this is what Grady has, and with this inebriated state comes the idea that no matter where one goes as long as they have that one person then they will always be at home


  1. I like the thought of home being a person and not a place. I think it is true that a person can be more of a home than a building could ever be. A house is just a house unless people inhabit it and make it a home. However, I think Grady chose the wrong person as her home. Instead of creating a shelter and refuge, I think Clyde created chaos and heartache. It's interesting to think about choosing a person as your home and the consequences of choosing the wrong person as your home.

  2. I agree with Alaina and you TJ. I think young people often choose to make home out of someone else when they have yet to figure out haw to be home to themselves. I don't think Grady is entirely comfortable with Clyde and she's not comfortable with her family either. She's just an ill fit all around because she's not comfortable with herself. But you write well :-) A few typos I would go back ad edit in the first para, but you made your point well.

  3. I agree with you Gabby. I think there is great importance in finding home in yourself. I think that if Grady could have found home in herself, she might have been able to realize that she did not need to find a home in Clyde, which would have saved herself from all of the problems cause by Clyde. I think this is also relevant to Holly Golightly. If she realized that she needed to find home in herself before she could make anything else her home, then her constant searching would be nonexistent. You have to be able to find home in yourself before anything is able to fall into place.

  4. I love your comments on the summer crossing. Your picture is awesome. It adds clarity to your comments. What is in the picture is what you have to go with. the big minus sign is kool. I like how you talk about Grady. you are very opinionated about the teenage thing. It was brief and to the point. Good stuff TJ.