Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Difference of Home

     Home, what a word.. Home is many things to different people. Home can be just what you make it, as Holly Golightly did in Truman Capotes'   Breakfast At Tiffany's.   She had an apartment in New York City after leaving her home where she married too young.  It was just a place to land with her cat, simply named  :CAT:.   Maybe she never had a place she really called home, or felt like a home.
     Her apartment becomes a mess with things scattered everywhere showing her carefree lifestyle. It is a place to sleep and party with little furniture for any would be guests to land. She lives in a very busy city where everyone seems to be busy. She is  among all the hustle and bustle searching for the right relationship and a right place to perhaps have a place to call home where she will name her CAT.

    In Truman Capotes., A Summer Crossing., The Mc Neil family also live in New York City, but in a penthouse apartment with cleaning ladies where everything is neat and proper. The family also own a house abroad where they spend their summers.  Grady McNeil is a young girl of 17 and has never spent a summer in New York so she decides to stay behind as her sister Apple, and their parents leave by ship to their summer paradise.  She has a relationship with Clyde Manzer, a parking lot attendant whose lifestyle is completely different.  He lives in a Jewish house on the other side of town, someplace Grady had never been to.  She is out of her element when she finally meets Clyds' family and sees how different it is from hers. His house has photos on the walls and has a close net family.  It is nothing like the Penthouse she is so used too , but it is Clydes' home.


     Of Mice And Men.

John Steinbeck portrays yet another definition of home in his book   
George and Lennie, who is a man of great proportion and strength, but a little slow, travel to find what they would like to be their home.  They picture a small house with a garden and animals  especially rabbits.  Lennie is fond of soft things and all he wants is a home where he can have rabbits and take care of them. They have a perfect mental picture of this fine place, but their search never leads them there.

    All of these characters live in different places they call home and some never find.  These characters were all written about in the 1940s, but it still true today. There are people who search and search to find the perfect place to call home and never find it.  Some people are satisfied with what they have and never complain and just carry on day after day.  There are those who have traveled and lived in different parts of the country and prefer one to the other. Some say that " Home Is Where The Heart Is," or "Home Is Never Farther Than Your Own Backyard."

     The house I grew up in was not a happy place so I was ready to leave as soon as I could as did my older brother.  It seems like I am not supposed to have a real place to call home because every time I found a place I really liked...I was brought back to Ohio for one reason or another.  After living in 5 States, I am now in an apartment where I will not stay forever, I will move again and probably again  hoping for some day to settle and finally be able to call it My Home.

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