Thursday, February 13, 2014

Piles of Clothes

Growing up, since I did not have my own home, my bedroom became my home. And like many teenagers, it was hardly ever clean. Six outfits from the morning were normally tossed in wrinkled piles on my unmade bed since I had to try on my entire closet before deciding what to wear. Add to that the six piles of clothes from the day before and the other past mornings I hunted for just the right outfit, my room quickly became an obstacle course. And as most mothers would be, my mom was usually pissed. But I did not care because it was my home. The piles of clothes, books and dishes stacked on my night stand made it feel like home to me.

However, In Holly Golightly's life, this was not the case. In Breakfast at Tiffany's, Holly's life was a mess, including her apartment. Her apartment was filled with boxes and suit cases and there was an absence of chairs so no one could stay long. Holly's apartment was also cluttered with clothes, just as my room was, but for the opposite reason. Holly's apartment was such a mess because she did not want to become attached to it. Her piles of clothes created a barrier that made it impossible for that apartment to become home. She was not ready to settle in that apartment as a home and therefore did everything she could to prevent any feelings to form towards the place that was not home. 

How can two places that share many of the same physical qualities be entirely different? I believe the answer lies in acceptance. Growing up, I had accepted that this is where I lived. Because I accepted this reality, I allowed my room to be cluttered with items that made me feel comfortable. Holly was not ready to accept the fact that she was where she was in life. She was unsatisfied and could not let herself become attached to her apartment because her life would have been disappointing. Her piles of clothes were reminders that her life was not what she wanted. Her suit cases and boxes were flashing signs reminding her that she was not yet where she wanted to be.

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  1. The picture reminds me of my room, except there would be History books and Legos stacked everywhere. It is amazing how little things like that make a place home. When I worked for Interlake Steamship, I always tried to find ways to make my room a little more home like. I am sure the other guys just loved the Christmas lights hanging up in my room!