Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Home often varies for many people, and so do the objects that we consider part of our homes. Every person has something that turns a place into a home for them. In the case of my daughter, she just isn't at home without her stuffed animals. Now, I don't just mean one or two, I mean she has to have the whole lot of them or she just isn't happy. When we first moved into our apartment and I set up the bedroom for her she had to have her pile of stuffed animals on her bed or she just wouldn't sleep. For me, my bed and my teddy bear that is made out of some of my mothers old clothing is what makes home. Without those things I'm just not happy either. Anything else without those two things just feels alien. It feels like it isn't a place where I am welcome. 

What I really loved about Of Mice and Men was the way that Lennie and George's dream home always seemed to evolve yet stay the same. For example, when Candy became a part of the duo's plan the home evolved in a way so as to be able to include Candy as one of it's occupants. It evolved in a way that would allow Candy to also be a productive part of the home. However, in its evolution the home still managed to keep the elements that were desired by Lennie and the ones that were desired by George. Even though, the plan evolved nothing was lost for the other two.

Finally, the best part about the actual dream home of these three character was that it had something or some element that each of them had to have. For Lennie that object was the rabbits. There was no way that this plan would ever be a home for him without those rabbits. For George it was being able to do whatever they liked, and for Candy it was the fact that no one would be able to throw him out when he was old and useless. For each of these three character this home ultimately provided freedom and peace of mind, and isn't that what home is all about?

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  1. First of all, I love the picture of the cat with bunny ears! My cat's nickname is Bunny--I wonder if he'd let me get away with putting ears on him!

    Your final paragraph brings up an important point--home is different for everyone. As you pointed out with your example of your daughter (and as Melissa points out in her post), home can be portable--as long as you have certain objects or people with you, any place can be home. For George and Lennie, home is a less tangible idea, freedom and security.