Thursday, February 13, 2014

Crazy Girl #4

     Summer Crossing was a good story.  Grady is a girl who does not quite know what to do with herself.  She has a sister named Apple.  Their parents go on a vacation cruise.  The girls have to tend to things while they are away.  The best part of the book is when Grady goes out on a date with a guy named Clyde.  But her sister does not know.  Apple has gotten married and moved to her own place with her husband and had a little boy.  But anyway, Grady went on the date.  She and Clyde went to central park in New York.  Clyde bought her balloons and stuff.  He later tells her that he has to go because his brother is having a barmitzva .  She was surprised.  But he stayed after she gave him attitude.  They were going on a ride with some horses.  Some black kids jumped out at them and spooked the horses.  The horses took off through the streets.  Clyde got off his horse after some fierce struggle.  Grady's did not stop right away.  A policeman got her horse to slow and stop.  She was a little shaken up and the date ended.  Grady also had feelings for Peter, another guy she knows.  Well one thing lead to another, Grady and Clyde ended up getting married.  Grady began to have second thoughts after what she had done. She was thinking of Peter and how he did not know she had married Clyde.  One night they all ended up in a car together on the streets of New York.  A guy named Gump was driving and Grady grabbed the steering wheel.  He said you'll kills us all.  Grady said I know.  That was a stunner.  I thought that was so cool.  They had to be scared to death of her.  Before she did that she had gone to see her sister and Clyde had been there looking for Grady, who had disappeared for a couple of days.  Clyde had told her sister Apple that they had married and Apple was shocked.  If I were married again the first person I would tell is my family, mostly my sister.  Grady was in love with two different men.  She could not stand to lose either of them in her life. So by her not choosing one and not the other she was torn between them both.

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  1. I loved Grady. I loved how she was so unsure of where she was at in her life. And I've always loved the notion of having a sister. I only have brother's, so the idea of a sister is just something i used to dream and dream about. I would hope and pray for a sister when i was younger, but i had to realize the fact that i'm a sister and that i'll never HAVE a sister.

    If i were to get married, i'm sure the first person i would tell would be my mom. She's kind of like a sister to me at this point in our relationship. She's as close as i can get and im happy to have her. I'm also really lucky.