Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What is it?

Home Burial , author Robert Frost......What is it??  The sad death of a child?   Why did the child die and how did the child die?  We can only assume or imagine.  We do not know how old the child was.    "Cant a man speak of his own child he's lost?"

"The little graveyard where my people are"   "Not so much larger than a bedroom, is it?   Frost lets one  into this little graveyard and the meanings it has to the reader.  As the title  :Home Burial: suggests it is about a small family graveyard as we often see in small towns.
The old woman sees things and wants to leave to go talk to others instead of her coaxing husband to stay and talk to him.  He also lost the child, but talks about the shovel and the dirt to dig a small place in the ground where there are three stones of slate and one of marble.  Which one belongs to the child?  Again he gives us the opportunity to only imagine and we all think different.. I would believe the child has the marble stone.  The story is rather long for a poem , but, it is a good piece of literature for all.

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