Thursday, January 23, 2014

No Southern Charm 

This is about the book Thomas and Beulah by Rita Dove.  I did not like the poems in this book.  The poems were about the old south, like in Tennessee.  The word "negroes" appears in some of the poems.  I understand that at this time this was how they spoke in the south.  A lot of the poems were not cohesive to me.  Most of the poems were very short.  The reading was is meant to be in sequence.  A lot has changed in the south since these poems were written.  For instance, most people say or write "black" or "African American".  The emotional stress was overbearing.  I could not get pass the negative connotations in some of the poems.  The poem Straw Hat was hard to understand.  But I did like one of the poems," Aircraft ".  It was the only poem that was out of it's time.  It was very good about women in it specifically by describing women as "robust".  The author of the book did well for this poem.  But overall the reading was brief, the book took about an hour to read but it must be done in sequence you can not skip through.  This book was not for my taste, some others may not agree with my opinion.     

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  1. Kim, you've made some interesting points here about the way that language changes over time. The literature we read definitely reveals the language of different time periods and regions, and you're absolutely right that Dove uses language that was common in the time periods she writing about as well as the time period in which she was writing. You've also made a good point about how that has changed over time and words like "negro" are no longer common in our vocabulary. What role do you think the different types of media we've discussed might play in how our language develops over time?