Thursday, January 30, 2014

Of Mice and Men

      I think what moved me the most about of mice and men, would have to be the sad life of a very challenged man named Lennie, and all the bad things that happened to him through his life. All Lennie ever really wanted was what George ( his friend/cousin) had promised. They wanted there own piece of land with maybe a cow, and some chickens, and some rabbits, rabbits to tend to, and alfalfa for them rabbits. Lennie came off as a big scary guy, until he spoke. Its so sad that even though he never meant any harm to the animals or Curleys wife, bad things still came to him.
     Lennie was a very caring man with an undeniable love for the feeling of soft fur and or hair. With all of Lennies disabilities, he needed some looking after, that's where George came in. When George would introduce his and Lennies relationship he'd just say they were cousins through Lennies Aunt Clara. This whole story was a bit complicated. Trying to figure out if George was a good or bad man was mind boggling. Yet, it was so hard trying to see things from both Lennies point of view as well as George and many of the other characters in this story.
     The tragic ending confused, and surprised me. I never would have thought George would be the one to end Lennies troubled life. I honestly thought one of the other characters who was angry with Lennie, being Curley would be the one to end this poor mans life. The way that George did it though I must say, was touching and yet so violent all at the same time. He told the story of that little piece of land that he had told so many times before, just to make Lennie happy. Then shot him in the back of his head! Wow, not at all how I would have pictured the ending of this story.
     This was definitely not one of my top favorite books to read. I wasn't satisfied or appreciative some of the language used, and the way they had went about Lennies disability. This book reminded me of a couple of Mark Twains books from back in the day, complicating and kind of hard to understand. This is also just the way I feel.


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