Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mobile Home.

I love my friends and there is nothing wrong with loving your friends. Whether you're a guy or a girl, friendships are special and they should be treasured. The first thing I want to discuss is solidifying the idea that George and Lennie were indeed friends. At first, I thought: "Of course they are friends." But then I thought it could be the idea that George feels responsible for Lennie and therefor they are not friends, but Lennie is more of an obligation for George.

However, even though it is a very small and easily forgotten line, when George is explaining the relationship between Lennie and himself he lies and says that they are cousins. I feel like this line can be used to adequately describe the relationship between the two. George loves Lennie like family and that feeling goes both ways. If it was just a feeling of obligation that George had toward Lennie then I feel like the first time Lennie caused trouble, George would have washed his hands of the responsibility and left Lennie to deal with the consequences of his actions, even though Lennie does not really understand consequences. Lennie of course loves George, one can see this because he is always concerned with letting George down when he behaves "badly."

Given George's very protective nature and arguably his caring nature for Lennie, one can be safe to assume that there is a love there, and I'm going to label it as a familial love, and now onto my next question: Can you find home in another person?

 George and Lennie found home in one another. They held one another up, albeit one may not see it as an equal relationship--but they found a comfortableness with one another and an understanding. They brought one another a sense of purpose when there was nothing else. They friendship they had gave them a sense of belonging even though they were always moving.

A home should be a place where one belongs and where one feels safe and can truly be themselves. That's a romantic notion that's not always true, but that's my idealized version of the perfect home and I feel like George and Lennie had that in each other. It's easy to say that they didn't have a home and that they were just wondering from job to job, but the truth of the matter is that they brought their home with them where ever they went.

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