Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Better Life

The context of the poem "Abandoned Farmhouse" paints a picture of decay and long forgotten way of life. An overall sense of sadness follows as ones eyes pass over each word of every line. The poem goes on to detail the many aspects of life long left to decay and be forgotten. Toys are left to collect dust, nothing lives in this home anymore. The family is long gone, and not coming back.

This poem is a great portrayal of how economical stresses can impact ones interpretation of home. The title itself illuminates this in and of itself. Why is the farmhouse abandoned? No crops? Drought? Many questions can be put forth, but the overall conclusion is that the resulting factors were enough to cause the family to uproot this life, this home and move on in hopes of finding a better life, a better home.

Today, we live in a world of excess and consumerism, people lining up to get the newest gadget. Yet in a time not too long ago, people were lining up for bread, for food. The 1930's saw great impact on the agricultural lifestyle of Americans, drought ran rampant in the great plains. This farmhouse was one of many left in search of something better. But today, I feel the aspect of home is taken for granted in today's world, society is far more materialistic, far more demanding to have the bigger house, the better life. Homelessness is far greater now than decades past. Whose to say that those who are homeless are not deserving of finding that better life? Yet you'll pass them by, maybe toss a few coins in their cup to ease your conscience, then go home and watch Netflix not giving it a second thought. I felt that this poem humbled my idea of home, to take a greater appreciation of what I do have, and consider what excesses I could live without because I know at some point in time I will have to abandoned certain aspects of my life now to find the 'better' life we are all looking for.

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  1. I just came home from Chicago and the idea of homelessness is something that is really sticking with me. Im a homebody through and through and i can't imagine not having a home to go to.

    When i was younger, my family had a slump. Money was tight, we were on welfare and we lived in public housing and I never thought of that as home. I hated it. I hated it so much it was the only time i hated going home. I hated come home to an empty fridge. I hated coming home to see my parents stressing about money, but at least i had a home.

    I have a friend who's father always says to always pay the rent. Always. You might have to walk to work because you don't have your car. You might have to bundle up in your house because you can't pay the heat. But you do everything you can to keep a roof over your head.

    I can't imagine not being able to do that. I can't imagine having to live solely off the kindness of others. Sometimes we just dont realize how easy we have it.